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Featuring the The Music of from the 1969 concert

Al Kooper * Blood, Sweat & Tears * Booker T. & the M.G.s * The Butterfield Blues Band * Canned Heat
Chicago Transit Authority * Creedence Clearwater Revival * Delaney & Bonnie * Grand Funk Railroad
Janis Joplin * Joe Cocker * Johnny Rivers *
Johnny Winter * Led Zeppelin * Pacific Gas & Electric
* Spirit * The Staple Singers * Sweetwater *
Tommy James and the Shondells *
Grateful Dead

Featuring the The Music of from the 1970 concert
The Allman Brothers Band * B.B. King * Bob Seger System * Cactus * Chambers Brothers * Grand Funk Railroad * It's a Beautiful Day * Jimi Hendrix *
John Sebastian * Johnny Winter * Mott the Hoople
Mountain * Poco * Procol Harum * Rare Earth *
Richie Havens * Spirit * Ten Years After *
Terry Reid

About the Atlanta Pop Festivals
of 1969 and 1970

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The first Atlanta International Pop Festival was a rock festival held at the Atlanta International Raceway in Hampton, Georgia, twenty miles south of Atlanta, on the July Fourth (Friday) weekend, 1969, more than a month before Woodstock. Crowd estimates ranged from the high tens of thousands to as high as 150,000.  With temperatures nearing a hundred degrees, local fire departments used fire hoses to create "sprinklers" for the crowd to play in and cool off. It was a peaceful, energetic, hot and loud festival with few (if any) problems other than heat related. Concession stands were woefully inadequate. Attendees frequently stood in line for an hour to get a soft drink.

The second Atlanta International Pop Festival was a rock festival held in a soybean field adjacent to the Middle Georgia Raceway in Byron, Georgia, from July 3-5, 1970, although it did not finish until near dawn on the 6th.[1] It was the only successor to the first Atlanta Pop Festival, which had been held the previous summer near Hampton, Georgia. The event was promoted by Alex Cooley, who had helped organize the '69 Atlanta festival as well as the Texas International Pop Festival.

Like 1969's Woodstock festival, the event was promoted as "three days of peace, love and music." Tickets for the festival were priced at $14. Also like Woodstock, it became a free event when the promoters threw open the gates after large crowds outside chanting "Free, free, free. Music belongs to the people" threatened to overwhelm even the biker security crew the promoters had hired Crowd estimates for the festival varied widely at the time, and still do, ranging from 200,000 to 600,000.



Set List  Main Stage

700-730  G Inglisis, J Fishoff,  E Schiff and Friends 

The Butterfield Blues Band

  • Born In Chicago

Booker T. & the M.G.s

  • Green Onions

Chicago Transit Authority

  • I'm a Man

Creedence Clearwater Revival

  • Fortunate Son

  • Suzie Q

The Allman Brothers Band

  • Stormy Monday

Grateful Dead

  • Love light (C)

750-820 CANCELED

840-930 Retro69 


  •  Look Out  

  •  Why oh Why


  •    Long Red

  •    Theme To Imaginary Western

 Grand Funk Railroad

  • Are you Ready

  • Funk 49

Janis Joplin

  • Move Over 

  • Ball and Chain 

Delaney & Bonnie

  • Only You Know and I know 

Mott the Hoople

  • Lay Down 

Joe Cocker

  • Felling Allright

950-1030  B Side Bandits

 1. Born on the Bayou (CCR) Alicia
 2. Green River (CCR) Alicia
 3. First we take Manhattan (Joe Cocker) Todd
 4. Red House (Hendrix) Alicia
 5. Hanky Panky (Tommy James) Alicia
 6. Secret Agent Man (Johnny Rivers) Dave
 7. Spell on you (CCR) Alicia
 8. One way Out (Alman Bros) Todd
 9. Bobby McGee (Janice Joplin) Alicia
 *If we need to play longer or give an Encore*
 10. Grapevine (CCR) Todd
 11. The Letter (Cocker) Alicia

1050-1120 Dead Man's Ghost

Grateful Dead

  • Bertha

  • Birdsong (key of E)

  • MR. Charlie

  • Deal


1140-1210 Dragonfly (Hendrix)

All songs are tuned down

  • I don't live today

  • Manic depression

  • Foxy lady  (Organ)

  • Wind cries Mary

  • Angel

  • Drifting       (Vibes)

  • Little Wing  BELLS

  • Dolly

  • Dagger

  • Third stone from the sun

 Dirty Ernie      

        Never In My Life

Ten Years After    
    Help Me

Bob Seger
Turn the Page

   Got a Line on You

Grand Funk
   Im Your Captain

Led Zepelin
   I Cant Quit You Babe

Line Up Acoustic Stage

730-750 Garry Inglisis

820-840 Richie BORAH

930-950 Eliiot Liebler

You better think twice  - Poco
Picking up the pieces 
- Poco
Piece of mind 
- Poco
Poco instrumental 
- Poco

1030-1050 Call Raffles

1120-1140 The Septemberists 

“Who’ll Stop the Rain?” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

“Never Ending Song of Love” – Delaney and Bonnie

“Darling Be Home Soon” – Joe Cocker

“Crazy Love” – Poco

“Mountain of Love” – Johnny Rivers

“White Bird” – It’s A Beautiful Day

1210-1230 The Septemberists

“Rose of Cimmaron” – Poco
“Memphis” – Johnny Rivers
“Cotton Fields” – Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Going to California” – Led Zeppelin
Change in Louise” – Joe Cocker
“The Weight” – The Staple Singers


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