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A Summer Jam 69 Tribute Concert


7 - 8:30 Black Light Tribute to the Grateful Dead circa 1973

845 - 930 Retro69 A Tribute to the BAND

945 - 10:30 Southside Players, a Tribute to the Allman Brothers

10:45 - 12:00 Blacklight Tribute to the Grateful Dead


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Show Schedule (subject to change)


Mitch Levitin                    Guitar (Bobbie) + Vox
Paul                                    Guitar  (Jerry)
Donald Davidson             Drums & Vox
Rudy DiMaggio               Bass   
Allan Spielman              Keyboards 
Joanne J-Bird Philips     Percussion


Lez Izzamore                 Guitar & Vox
Phil Kennedy                 Guitar & Vox
Rudy DiMaggio              Bass
Donald Davidson             Drums
Allan Spielman               Keyboards
Joanne J-Bird Philips    Percussion

The Band  lyrics
15pm - 12:00 am

Chest Fever                                
Dont Do It                                   
I Shall Be Released 
Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
Dont you Tell Henry
Long Black Veil
Up on Cripple Creek 
The Weight

The Southside Players 

Sean McGrath i
Bob Oven 



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