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House Band

Guitar:   Jerry Zachman

Bass:  Ray Kairys  

Drums:   Mike Miller

Organ:    Allan Spielman

Piano:   David Bennet Cohen

Percussion:       Joanne J-Bird Phillips

Will:     PA & Soundman


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Performer Information


Note: The music posted here is solely for the purposes of learning these songs with the intent of performing them for charity. These songs may absolutely NOT be sold, distributed, or copied for ANY other purpose. They will be removed promptly after the show. 

Set Lists,  Time Line and Instrumentation  (who's on what song and when) 

Song Structure and Arrangements       


All performers should check in at the front and get your hand stamped so the bar knows you are entitled to free soft drinks

Unless you are performing or volunteering, all guests of performers need to make the minimum donation of $10   ($5 after 12:30) at the door. If this is an issue, please call me at 917-583-2505.

Drummers: bring your own snare, ride cymbal, and mounted tom tom if you need more than one mounted tom tom. You would put it on a provided extra snare stand.

 The following people need to be here by 7:45pm

  •  WILL DUGAN      set up PA

  • DAVID NESDAL  set up guitar amps and effects

  • JERRY ZACHMAN   bring 2 backup amps but leave one in the trunk
    MIKE MILLER     set up drums, without snare or ride cymbal

  • RAY KERRIES   set up bass amp

  • Joanne                set up percussion

 The following people need to be here by 8:00pm

  • David Bennet Cohen       set up keyboard and your keyboard amp in designated location

  • Rockingham (Full Band)        set up keyboard (ill bring the amp by 8:30 or use your own)

  •                                           tune up, set up drums with your hardware, ect, Ready to play 
                                              by 9 sharp

 The following people need to be here by 9:00pm

King Penguin   (don't bring amps!!!!!)


The following people need to be here by 9:45pm

All other performers in the 1st Retro69 set

 at 10:15 you must get everything set up so you can come on and off the stage rapidly, including harp amp and horn amp

Back line

PA Equipment:

  •  Samson XM 400 watt powered mixer. Six channels, which means only 6 microphones.

  •  Shure performance microphones PG58.

  •  3 boom stands, 3 regular stands.

  • 2 main speakers. Peavey PR series PR12N. 12 inch speakers with horn & tweeter on stands.

  • 2 monitors Kustom 10 inch speaker and tweeter in each.

All questions please call   Will (516)946-5152

Please  remember NOT to bring any amps. David Nesdal is bringing two good amps and we need to keep the set up very streamlines when changing guitar players, He is bringing:

 * Victoria Super Amp with 2 10 inches drivers plus  a tweeter

*   1965 Vibralux Reverb Amplifier

    Acoustic Amp for Harp

*   2 sets of pedal boards with a full assortment of effects (Overdrive, delay, flanger, ect)

 Therefore you need to use his guitar amps. 

 Please feel free to email him at dnrwb5150@aol.com with questions about his equipment

Stage Layout





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