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RETROFEST 22 NOV 22 2009

From LICC:

  "Dear Allan, I want to say thank you for an amazing evening. The bands were outstanding, and your own passion for music and all that you do with Retro fest showed in the smile on your face.  The Long Island Crisis Center is extremely fortunate to have been able to share in this collaboration of artists who brought Woodstock magically alive again. I know that for us the evening was very successful and the monies raised will allow a program to continue doing its good work for the communities of Long Island.  I also enjoyed meeting with Karl, he  seems like a very special man, and his support and compassion for the work done by Crisis Center touched my heart. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. Again thank you for making this all possible. Best wishes always,"

"Hi Allan,

(Perhaps Iíve heard too many commercials for The Jersey Boys.) 

We are still kvelling about how wonderful  last Saturday evening was.  We donít know how to begin to thank you for putting this altogether and for your enormous contribution of your time, talent and energy.   But, most importantly, I wanted you to know that we raised just over $3,700.00 !!  I believe that makes this your most successful event.  That sum of money will pay the stipend expense for our overnight counselors for 1 Ĺ months.  Considering that LICC is the only 24/7 crisis intervention and suicide prevention center in Nassau County, you realize what a vital contribution to our agency services you have made.

We will be adding acknowledgement on our website with a link to http://www.Retrofestival.org

Again, thank you so much and we look forward to working with you again."

p.s. On top on the financial success, I had a really good time



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