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This is a letter to all friends of the Paul Butterfield Fund and Society (PBFS) and to those who would like to learn more about the many educational and charitable endeavors of PBFS.

 “ The Paul Butterfield Fund and Society" (PBFS) was recently established by Salli Squitieri & Gabriel Butterfield-son of Paul Butterfield, w/the assistance of Dan Aykroyd and his wife Donna Dixon-Aykroyd and the sponsorship of Fractured Atlas (www.fracturedatlas.org) a NYC based non-profit art service organization. www.fracturedatlas.org/donate/267

 PBFS is dedicated to the preservation and revival of the legacy of Paul Butterfield & to the rich traditi ons of the Blues styles of music through the support of the arts and those involved with the arts. PBFS strives to assist struggling artists with emergency relief, project support & cultural enrichment, particularly those creative endeavors with focus on projects dedicated to underprivileged & at risk children. We are a relatively new, developing and quickly evolving multi-media entity gaining worldwide recognition and interest within a very short time.

 PBFS is currently working on a series of ongoing projects including our Signature Project—“The PBFS Special Care Package for Struggling Artists”, our PBFS Educational Archival Exhibit representing segments of Paul Butterfield’s life and career, a networking & resource site for artists of all genres, the first time ever done film documentary on Paul Butterfield, an online petition for Paul Butterfield’s recognition into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a Music project dedicated to the enhancement of performing artists careers & fundraising for PBFS & its many causes & endeavors, the development of a CD Library for Youth introducing youth to a broad spectrum of musical styles while in a safe and nurturing environment, Musical Instruments & Basic Musical Needs for Underprivileged Musicians & Impoverished Youth,  PBFS  assistance in whatever capacity possible for assorted benefits & fundraisers and an assortment of other projects.

 To Name Just a few of things we have achieved thus far:

1)    The Unveiling and ongoing growth and development of the PBFS Educational Archival Exhibit

2)    The development and distribution of PBFS Special Care Packages for Struggling Musicians

3)    Worldwide interest and recognition

4)    Development of our ever growing “PBFS butterfieldsociety yahoo group” site providing networking and resource opportunities for artists

5)    The development and ongoing growth of a series of online internet sites


6)    The initial stage of a promotional trailer representing our project of the first time ever film document on Paul Butterfield

7)    The orchestration of two PBFS Gatherings in conjunction with Gabriel Butterfield’s Blues Jams

8)    The presentation of the PBFS Award of Recognition

9)    The development and continual improvement of various lines of PBFS merchandise

10) Increased sponsorship

11) Increased Radio Station Support, Coverage and Interviews

 As mentioned one of our signature projects is The PBFS Educational Archival Exhibit representing segments of Paul's life & career, which currently includes memorabilia--posters, handbills, tickets, art work etc, photographs, music, videos and personal artifacts of Paul's; likewise representing the arts & artists of that era.

 The PBFS Educational Archival Exhibit was unveiled as part of a three day multi-media extravaganza on Dec 17th, 2004 at the Key West Hard Rock Cafe on Paul's birthday--a day when radio stations nationwide joined in memory of Paul & support of PBFS, by playing Paul's music throughout the day.

 This collection continues to grow & we hope to have it on the road at various special events in the very near future. 

 PBFS is both an educational and charitable entity and as with an entity of this nature there are many ongoing needs and we are currently working on assorted outreach projects. 

 Through our assorted endeavors & projects we hope to not only preserve the memory of Paul Butterfield but likewise to bring forth a forum representing & supporting all art forms, assist new artists with recognition & bring forth some founding legends into a new era…

 The Paul Butterfield Fund and Society Care Packages for Struggling Artists is a signature project we are very proud of & was established in 2004 & particularly close to home & heart, designed to assist artists with fundamental needs & special gift items to raise their spirits in times of hardship & letting struggling artists know that someone does care & does understand, & what the rest of the world is enjoying is not unreachable to them. We all deserve the best from time to time & wouldn’t it be nice to bring a smile & a moment of hope to someone who is in time of hardship.

 Something that each of us can do---make requests from your dentist, doctors, local grocery stores etc....ask for samples of products that have been given to them free and often go to waste, sit on shelves, collect dust or even end up in the dumpster. Ask for a monthly, quarterly or annual donation of regular products. If each one of us spoke with the establishments that we normally do business with just think how easy it would for us to create a nice bank of products for the PBFS Special Care Packages. Businesses respond quite well to this type of charitable involvement. It provides them promotional coverage and tax deductions while supporting a great cause and making sponsors feel good.

 Please join us in making a difference in the lives of those who color our world so brightly 

* By making a donation to The Paul Butterfield Fund and Society

• Sponsor gift items or volunteer your services

• Contribute in whatever capacity you are able to.

• Let’s send a package that says we care.

 The PBFS Special Care Package

*Enhances Awareness of Sponsors Products And Services

•The PBFS Special Care Package Provides Needs to Struggling Artists

• The PBFS Special Care Package Says We Care

While Introducing A Healthier Way of Life


In-kind-Donations and Funding are always needed for products, storage of, packaging, mailings & further promotion of the project.

The Film Documentary is a project comprised of a team collaboration to produce the first time ever done film documentary of the Legendary Bluesman & worldwide renowned harmonica player—Paul Butterfield (Gabriel’s Father).

 The Film Documentary is with intent to preserve the legacy of a bluesman who changed the course of music history & made it possible for many musicians to be where they are today. It is our hope to bring forth this legacy and the music of Paul Butterfield to a new generation & to tell the story of a man & his musical journey.

 The Team is comprised of PBFS Founders & Executive Directors, Gabriel Butterfield—son of Paul Butterfield & his wife Salli Squitieri (Executive Producers) In conjunction w/Award Winning Video & Documentary producer-Thom Pollard (Creative Director of Eyes Open Productions

 To name a few of the individuals interviewed & filmed were

Al Kooper, Sam Lay, Nick Gravenities, Corky Siegel, Barry Goldberg, Rick Reed, Jim Weider, Happy Traum & others.

A sneak peak of a few of the live interviews intended for use within a in progress polished promotional marketing trailer for purpose of obtaining  interest and support for the actual full length first time ever film documentary on Paul Butterfield can be viewed by visiting:


 Music Projects:

• Gabriel Butterfield’s Blues Sessions -The Painted Blues

•Intended to enhance the musical careers of all involved

• Merging local, national & renowned talents (Musicians are already in

      place, eager & waiting)

• Carrying on the rich traditions of the Blues Styles of music while

      integrating other styles & bringing this forth to a new generation

•Providing cultural enrichment to communities & children's endeavors

• While enhancing public awareness of PBFS & raising funds for PBFS.


The Paul Butterfield online Petition is a direct effort to bring forth the worldwide fan base for Paul Butterfield and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band bringing forth the awareness that this global fan base who is in wonderment as to why Paul Butterfield and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band has yet to be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Through this petition we hope to educate the RRHF of the pinnacle role that PB has to this day in music making history and how PBBB helped changed the course of music as we know it today making it possible for many of the known musicians to be where they are today.



About our Yahoo Group:

We are also pleased to say that this site has grown to be a warm welcoming and resourceful site with a plethora of talented and interesting individuals. Among our members are many fans of Gabriel’s father—Paul Butterfield and of course many harmonica players, assorted musicians, fine artists, photographers, theatre people, editors, writers and magazines, Blues Societies, people from an array of arts related industries, radio stations and even folks from new Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain and Costa Rica.


We encourage you to introduce yourself, network and promote your creative endeavors, post interesting and informative arts related topics, ask questions, interact, become involved and enjoy…


PBFS Has Many Great Ideas & Concepts,

However Concepts They Will Remain

Without Support And Involvement.


The Following Are Just A Few Ways That You Can Assist:

• Join PBFS Today—Your Membership Support is Needed

• Volunteer a Service

• Funding & Sponsorship are Much Needed

• Donate Items for PBFS Special Care Packages, Membership Incentive

      Rewards, Fundraising Prizes

·                     Donate CD’s & CD Players for the PBFS CD Library for Youth

• Spread the Word on PBFS, send out PBFS Info via your E-mailings,

     Newsletters, Events etc

·    Add our link and info to your website

• Obtain A PBFS Wish List

• Become Involved


We look forward to hearing from you & Thank you so very much for taking the time to review this information.


With warmth,

Salli Squitieri & Gabriel Butterfield









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