Retro69 A Tribute to The Music Played at Woodstock 1969

Band Bio:

You might recognize RETRO 69 as the hosts of the seasonal Woodstock 69 - Monterey Pop Tributes that have been hitting Long Island clubs every few months since June 2005.  After a few years of working the Long Island /Rockaway club circuit, the group has recently  found its niche promoting and hosting these events that feature 12-15 bands covering music that was performed at these music festivals in the late 60ís.

Billing themselves as a "Tribute to Woodstock", Retro69 has had the opportunity to perform its show in the same order of the original 1969 festival, running from Havens through Hendrix. They have "recreated Woodstock"  at Yasgurs Farm, Kennedy Park in Long Beach, Virgils Bar B Q, Fire Island, Hippy Park (Seacliff) , and many indoor venues. The goal is to be able to play everyone of the 350 plus songs from the actual festival, in arrangements as similar to the original; in other words, to be the "Dark Star Orchestra." of Woodstock.

In addition to Woodstock, working together with other supporting bands, Retro69 can reproduce other Festivals such as Monterey Pop 1967 and Watkins Glenn 1973, as well as some of the shows performed at the Fillmore 40 years ago. 

In addition to the Woodstock and Monterey Pop Festival songs, their repertoire includes many cover versions of the ALLMAN BROTHERS,  ROLLING STONES, BEATLES, BOB DYLAN, DOORS, RASCALS, ANIMALS, DRIFTERS, JAMES BROWN, and much more.

The bandís unique ability to fuse the 60ís psychedelic flavor with blues influences gives it the rich versatility and a wide genre of material. The Hammond organ, fuzz reverb guitar, and unique Motown influenced vocals creates a vibe that canít be missed. Their versatile sound takes the audience on a trip through the Motown days, then to Woodstock, back again to the Downtown New York Blues Scene of Dan Lynch and Mannyís Carwash. Most of all, the crowd is kept on their feet dancing, but at the same time, manages to keep the volume and dynamics under control. 

For Booking Information, contact  or 917-583-2505.

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