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A Tribute to Concert 10 at Pocono International Raceway in 1972.

Concert 10 was a rock concert at Pocono International Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania on July 8 and 9 of 1972. The event attracted an estimated 200,000 people who were met with cold inclement weather, replete with rain and mud. The general atmosphere of the concert was compared to the Woodstock Festival of 1969. Concert 10 represented a successful revival of the American summer rock festival after the repeated failure of U.S. festivals during the previous two years

Black Sabbath
Mother Night
Claire Hamill
The Groundhogs

(with Mitch Mitchell from Hendrix Experience!)

Bull Angus
Edgar Winter
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Faces with Rod Stewart
Humble Pie
The J. Geils Band
Three Dog Night

About Concert 10 of 1972

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Concert production was handled by Concert 10, Inc.[2] First time concert producers Irving Reiss, vice president of the Candygram Company, and attorney George Charak put US$250,000 in escrow to avoid problems paying the artists faced by previous festivals.[2][3] 66 people were hired from Bill Graham's road crew in Dallas to maintain the sound reinforcement system. 300 security people backed by University karate clubs maintained order, and the raceway's hospital was staffed by six physicians and eight nurses. 65 people from the Lackawanna County Drug Council were on site to handle adverse drug reactions (bad trips) from recreational drug users. The concert was promoted with radio commercials on rock music radio stations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Concert ticket prices were set at US$11, with 90,000 tickets sold in advance of the show.[3]

The July 8 concert was scheduled from 1-11 p.m. but due to intermittent weather-related delays, ended at 8:45 a.m. on July 9

Performer Information

Start Time and End Times

THE SHOW MUST START EXACTLY AT 8pm   even of the crowd starts small. delays will cause the whole show to be delayed.

We expect the show to end sometime between 1:30 and 2am. All acts will perform, even if a little late.


Event Time Line 

Please be here at least 1 hour before you performance time.  If you end up using more than the 20 minutes for setup, the time may have to come out of your  set.


While we do our best, delays are inevitable and start times will probably be later. Ed Fleck will no matter what have a 60 minute set.




Main Stage

Acoustic Stage




Goldstar Backline  Load In Joanne J-Bird Philips Stage Manager arrives.





Goldstar Set Up Backline on main stage

Using Allan's PA, provide 2 Mikes to acoustic stage. Goldstar sets up PA.
Tom Ryan  Set Up

Arrive and set up




Tom Ryan  Perform

Start collecting $10 at doors 8pm



Vitamin D Perform

Jo and Frank  Set Up




Paranoid Black Sabbath Tribute Set Up

Jo and Frank Perform




Paranoid Black Sabbath Tribute Perform

Eddie Kaercher Set Up

9:45 Call  Prize winners



Retro69  Set Up

Eddie Kaercher Perform
(45 min)




RETRO69 Perform

MandoJam Set Up

  11:15 Quick speech from  CFK



Comfortable Rut Set Up

MadnoJam Perform

Call  Prize winners



Comfortable Rut Perform




Note: While we do our best, delays are inevitable and start times will probably be later. Comfortable Rut will no matter what have a 60 minute set. We assume the show will end close to 2am.


Please note that I cannot be reached via the phone or email from 7:40pm Friday May 9th   till 8:45pm Sat  May 10 11/23

Until 9:30pm,  the show will be coordinated by stage Manager Joanne J-bird Philips  (516  320 3026)

Any issues with equipment please call Goldstar Equipment Jim Giarraputo at 631-300-6281  or our stage Manager Joanne J-bird Philips at  516  320 3026


Check in

Please Check in with the Volunteers from the Charity Sitting at the Front.

The club is giving one free drink to all performers,  Please get drink tickets when Allan Spielman arrives at 9:30PM
Donations from friends and family of performers

EVERYONE OTHER than sponsors and musicians performing in this show, will be required to make the minimum $10 donation at the door After 12 its $5.  

This means musicians friends, wives, husbands, etc must make the donation , Thank you in advance for your understanding

If this is an issue, please have your guest arrive before 8pm . Every dollar collected at the door will go to the charity. All additional donations are welcome and needed. All donation and sponsor checks should be written to the Long Island Crisis Center .  Cash accepted as well

Backline and what to Bring
Please call Goldstar Equipment Jim Giarraputo at 631-300-6281 with any questions
Main Stage
Full PA
Two Monitors.
8 XLR inputs.
5 mics with boom stands.

Bass Amp

Full Drum Set   
The drummer should bring cymbals. Ours are a bit worn. Some drummers like their own snare. Ours is fine. Also have a kick stand just in case 


Guitar Amp

IMPORTANT: There is only one guitar amp; if you have another guitarist bring another amp.

Keyboards:  Hammond xb2 and kurzwile sound module with Keyboard Amp

Accoustic Stage

  • Yamaha StagePass PA , 2 speakers on stands, 2 mike set ups
Load in

I advise loading in from the side door  

What else to bring:
  • If you are fussy with guitar amps, bring one in the trunk in case. 
  • There will probably be only oNE guitar amp, so bring your own if there are two guitarists or a harper
  • Bring music stands,
  • Extra batteries and cables
Performance Time 

*   For guest bands, please note your slot is 40. There is an additional 35 minutes for set up before your set

*   For guest acoustic acts, please note your slot is 30.
*  The Closing Act is playing a minimum of 60 minutes.


For this reason, we all have to move quick , tuning up before if possible. We have to all be careful not to fall into the trap of a 30 minute set up since it will cause us to run behind and hurt the others going on after.

IMPORTANT!  Unfortunately, if you end up using more than the 35 minutes for setup, the time may have to come out of you set.


As mentioned, the time allotted include setup and breakdown. (should be minimum setup since you are using our FULL back-line, not moving drums or amps. You will be given a signal when you have one song left. Bands that fail to honor the time will "politely have the plug pulled". Again, please remember the time slot includes band change and setup. Obviously, you should have more songs ready in case your songs are short and you have more time
Please try to come at least 60 minutes before your estimated start time. Remember, as it always seems to be with these types of shows, we have to move quick and get everyone up and off as soon as possible. Please be ready to hit the "stage" as soon as your slot is called, try to tune up before if you can. For this reason, our back line of amps, drums, etc is there to make it as efficient as possible.

Going on Later Than Scheduled 

As a result of lessons learned after doing 37 Retro fests, we anticipate running over to be minimal. To ensure our start times are accurate, we have added additional lag time between sets. Nevertheless, it may still happen so please understand that the starting times will probably actually be a bit later.

We expect the show to end sometime between 1 and  2am. All acts will perform, even if a little late.

Event as an Unpaid Showcase
Please note that as before, this is an unpaid showcase with a cash bar for everyone including musicians.

Tax Deductibility 
All donations of any size are tax deductible and very much appreciated! In addition, any expenses incurred by the performers (travel expenses, fees to musicians, ect) directly related to this event are also tax deductible. Note. the value of your time performing is NOT deductible. Please consult your accountant for details.

Promoting Your Band


Remember to bring a demo CD if you are interested in performing at this venue. Promote your band any way you like!!! Bring CD'S and t shirts to sell, etc. You may set up a table in the bar to sell and promote. Its 100% up to you, but feel free to dress the part (Tie dye, bandanna. whatever)


Promo for the Event

If you can publicize this event to your email list,  Face book, website etc, it will go a long way for the event. Thanks in advance for your help. Please feel free to go to Retrofest Grassroots Marketing to get ideas and websites to publicize to. Thank you all again for your involvement!

Thank you all for you help and being part of this event! Please consider doing what you can to help us promote the event and raise lots of money for the Long Island Crisis Center.

Things You can do to Promote the Event (please click)

Please help us promote this event posting this all over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Myspace, ect. 


Please post this event on your wall!    And of course invite your friends